stratford wood stove

A wood burning stove can be installed as a standalone stove or can be connected into the hot water system  by means of a back boiler. You will also need to consider whether to line your chimney with a metal flue – this depends on the type of chimney and type of stove.

Some wood burning stoves can be fed on wood pellets and require a hopper for storage/feeding of the stove. The heat output requirement of the stove should be carefully calculated as frequently a wood stove is over specified and is too powerful and too hot for the room.

There are hundreds of manufacturers of wood stoves. The type chosen depends upon several factors:

  1. The style of the stove – classic or modern
  2. The heat output requirement
  3. Is a back boiler required?
  • It is also possible to link a wood stove to an external heat store such as a pond or a swimming pool
  • They can be connected to a solar system.

We recommend several different manufacturers depending upon your requirements. They include Morso, Stovax, Stratford and Yeoman

If you would like to install a woodstove into your property please contact us on 01892 270520 or send us an email.