energy saving

Energy Saving Tips to help you in your home or workplace

  1. Fit thermostatic valves to all your radiators. Turn thermostats down or off in rooms that are not used.
  2. Replace an old boiler with a new, efficient condensing one. Your existing one may only be operating at around 50% efficiency. Consider alternatives to gas for heating.
  3. Consider double or triple glazing to prevent heat loss (additional panels can be fitted inside existing windows in some instances). Draught proof your windows and doors and block up any gaps around skirting boards and between floorboards.
  4. Use curtains and shut doors in rooms that are not used.
  5. Switch from halogen spotlights to LED ones. Turn off lights when not in use. Turn electronic items off at the switch (don’t leave them on Standby).
  6. Up to 33% of your heating is lost through your walls so consider installing insulation – cellulose or sheep’s wool are environmentally friendly options here.

If you are interested in switching to an eco friendly heating system please take a look at the wood and air based systems we offer on this website. If you have any questions please either ring on 01892 270520 or email us.