Welcome to Saxon Eco Energy

We design, supply, install and maintain a wide variety of integrated renewable energy systems to provide hot water and heating for your property, whether that be at home or at work.

We specialise in installing wood and air based heating systems to help you take advantage of the government grants known as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This could be a log or pellet biomass boiler or an air source heat pump.

The Payback term can be as little as 3 years and after this it is a useful additional income.

Green Homes Grant

We can also install eco energy solutions such as air source heat pumps under the new 2020 Green Homes Grant. As a home owner, from late September 2020,  you may be eligible for a government grant of up to £5,000 towards the installation costs.

We’ve put together what’s known about the scheme here. The Simple Energy Advice (SEA) website  provides more information about this. Or send us a message and we can help you find out if you are eligible.

MCS approved, we custom design, specify and install the right heating system for your property.  A system can be integrated into your existing heating system.

Air Source Heat Pump

An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) can work standalone or in conjunction with an oil boiler.


A log boiler is generally suited to someone with access to their own fuel supply.

A pellet boiler can work in any situation.

Woodstoves / Wood boiler stoves

We also recommend wood stoves to heat individual rooms. A woodstove can also be connected to a back boiler to deliver hot water

We survey existing and new fireplace and woodstove installations and provide landlord reports. We service and repair woodstoves and wood boiler stoves.

For further information please explore our website where we have case studies showing the types of installations we do. There are tips on energy efficiency and energy saving.

If you have any questions please ring on 07968 123636 or send us an email.